• We are pleased to announce that Western Masters Martial Arts has made this course part of their requirement for advancement beyond Nidan (2nd degree black belt) rank!

    Budo in Everyday Life is a course in self-awareness and self-development, based on practices and philosophies found in a wide variety of martial arts, including Aikido, Judo, and the various forms of Karate.

    Budo, literally "Warrior Way", is a Japanese term which denotes the study of a martial art or style not for combat, but for its application in everyday life. The discipline, self-control, and the awareness of others demanded in the martial arts can also be applied to your personal interactions, your relationships, and your daily life.

    The Way of the martial artist is to seek to create harmony with their environment and everyone in it, to lead by example, to maintain a calm and peaceful mind, and to live with joy in the moment.

    This one year course presents the student with 20 individual lessons, focusing on helping the student develop these qualities in their life. Each lesson contains audio lectures by Kevin Blok Hanshi, who explains, comments and expands on a wide variety of martial arts concepts and terms and their application in daily life, using practical examples, historical references, personal recollections, and stories passed on to him by his primary teacher, Gozo Shioda (founder of Yoshinkai Aikido and direct student of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba).

    Students will be required to take on a series of ten practical life training exercises. These enlightening and empowering exercises are designed to make the student aware of of their ability to change themselves; to see and influence their environment, events and relationships in a positive manner; and to live with a sense of purpose, fulfilment and joy.

    To successfully graduate these practical life training exercises must be successfully completed, along with an accompanying written assignment. The student must also keep a daily online journal of their experiences, thoughts and insights.

    The successful student will receive a certificate in:

    Modern Warrior Studies: Budo in Everyday Life - Kenshu (Intensive training)

    Course Duration: One year to complete all practical exercises
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