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Announcing the launch of our first online class, Budo in Everyday Life

Now open for enrollment!

We are pleased to announce that Western Masters Martial Arts has made this course part of their requirement for advancement beyond Nidan (2nd degree black belt) rank!

Listen to a free 10 minute audio introduction to the course:

This extensive course, created by Chudokai founder Kevin Blok Kyoshi, examines practical methods for applying the lessons and philosophies of the martial arts to everyday life. This life-changing course demonstrates simple, effective ways to use lessons learned "on the mat" and apply them to our daily interactions and relationships, leading to living fuller, happier and more harmonious lives. This certificate course includes background materials, practical assignments for the student at home, and 18+ hours of engaging, informative audio lecture.

Courses on this site are developed from Chudokan founder and teacher Kevin Blok's more than 30 years experience in the training of students, adapted from his personal collection of Kenshu -- literally "Sword Sharpening" -- lectures. These advanced studies, normally available to only higher-level students, are designed to help the student understand and apply the advanced philosophies and concepts presented during class to their daily lives.

Chudokan crestWhat is Aikido? Aikido, or "The Way of Harmony", is a defensive martial art focusing on graceful movements and working with one's opponent, blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it directly. The philosophy and principles of modern Aikido are based upon more than 800 years of Japanese samurai life. The samurai tradition was one of discipline, loyalty, demanding physical training, etiquette, strong spirit and philosophical insight into the conduct of life and human relationships.

Under the guidance of Kevin Blok Kyoshi (Master Instructor), 7th Dan in Yoshinkai Aikido, and 8th Dan through the World Kobudo Federation, students will be introduced to the rich background and oral history of the way of the warrior, will receive instruction in basic and advanced philosophies of Budo as a path -- a way of achieving harmony within oneself and with your world -- and will take part in life training exercises which will earn the student a certification through the Chudokai Martial Arts Federation International.

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